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Why SanoCart?

Sanocart word has “sano” on its name but is aiming to contribute something big to the field of E-commerce in Nepal. Sanocart is a partnered registered company under the Company Act of Nepal in 2020. Its primary aim is to provide an easy and reliable platform for the Business to buy and sell their products. Our main motto is to satisfy each and every stakeholder. Sanocart is one of the big projects among many projects under the pipeline.

The members of the Sanocart know each other very well. Since Childhood to Adulthood each of us has learned something new from each other. We used to play, study, hang out together and always thought of doing something in this globalizing world. We thought of going to some other country as every one of our age group used to do. But why go somewhere when there is a huge opportunity to contribute to your own motherland? So, we planned a big project to contribute something in the field of E-Commerce. A new way, Futuristic way of Shopping where people can experience something different from what they are used to.

Members of the Sanocart are very enthusiastic and are always keen to learn different skills. Each and every member of Sanocart is not only diversified geographically from Australia to the United States of America to Nepal but also diversified educationally from IT to Business to Commerce. With diverse knowledge and experience in different fields in different geographical locations, Sanocart will always try its best to learn, improve, provide a very user-friendly environment to businesses, and provide a very low-cost platform for them to fulfill their needs. Feel free to contact us because now you know Sanocart, “हजुरको व्यवसाय, हाम्रो साथ’’. Thank you!