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How to buy and check out for customers and payment option?

Check out

For the customer, they have many options to see the product. They can shop by categories, vendor, brands, or they can even search their product.

The customer can buy the product they are interested by click the cart/bag option that is hover when your cursor is in the image. You can also add the product to you Wishlist.

You can also click the product, which leads to the next page having all the detail about the product, along with its features and so on. After the single/multiple products are added to the cart you can checkout or view product then checkout.

 For checkout, billing detail must be filled. As for payment we have different option such as:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Khalti
  • PayPal (Not Available for Nepal)

Direct Bank Transfer

Taking about Direct Bank Transfer, Customer can directly pay from their Bank Account (mobile banking, internet banking) to Sanocart Account. By clicking this option, the customers are provided with the bank detail of Sanocart that include Account number, Branch. Until the payment is not verified the product are kept on hold, and further processed only when the payment is confirmed. All the process will be informed to the customer via mail.

Cash on Delivery

This option is easy to understand, the customer makes the cash payment when the product is hand delivered to them by the courier company.


Our system has an online payment option with Khalti API. It provides the customer with a digital payment option. The product then send to further process after the payment is confirmed.