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How to Make the Account in Sanocart For Vendors?

Power E-Commerce with Sanocart is very easy than you think. The step are as follows:

  • Visiting the website, click on the profile button just on the side of the search button or in between the search and Wishlist.
  • After clicking the profile button, it leads to the login page. If you have an account, you can log in from here.
  • If not, you can create the account by clicking the register button on the just side of the login.
  • If you are registering as a Vendor, click on I am a vendor.
  • Fill in the form which includes the First Name, Last Name, Shop Name, Shop URL (for example:) and Phone Number, and click on register.
  • After becoming the vendor does not mean you have the privilege to add a product to your page, for the privilege you are called for further or additional information to see whether the vendor is genuine. Only after the confirmation, the privilege is given to the vendor.

Information for Vendor regarding their dashboard.

After completing all the necessary procedure for becoming a Vendor, you can now do all the activities that are provided to you by an admin.

Now after logging in to the system, you are sent to Dashboard, where you can add product, see the total sales, your earning, orders, pageview, orders, pie-chart, bar-diagram.

If you are in dilemma between sales and earnings. Sales indicate the total money you have gotten from selling the product whereas Earning indicates the money you are provided after subtracting the percentage of commission. (For example, if you have sales of Rs. 50000 and commission of 5% should be given to the admin or Sanocart, your Earning is Rs.50,000 – Rs.2,500 = Rs.47,500).