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Return, Refund & Warranty

Returns is a scheme provided  directly under this policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by us. 

  1. The Product you have purchased will be new and will be checked for any fault physically, although if you get the fault products, we will kindly substitute with a new one after reviewing it.

2.If there is any technical fault then the compensation will be given. 

3.If the product that customers have purchased never reaches them then compensation will be given.

  1. If the addresses on payment methods are not the one that they live then no compensation is given as it will be the fault from the  customer end.

5.Refund/Return can be done within 3-7 days from the order delivered.

6.If the product is used then the refund or return will not be facilitated.

7.If the product is returned within 3 days then no refund charge should be paid by the buyer/customer.

  1. If the product is returned within 3-7 days then refund charge may be applicable to the buyer/customer.

9.If the product is under warranty or guarantee policy then refund/return will be facilitated according to the warranty or guarantee policy.

  1. Exchange of the product is also available on some of the products.If customer want to exchange the products then the customer sound contact at

11.Exchange of product will be processed only after the products that customers have sent for exchange reaches our hub/warehouse.

  1. For any queries don’t hesitate to contact Sanocart. Happy Shopping!