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Why Be A Vendor At SanoCart?

The vendor is people who have a business or have an idea which they want the world to see and hear. What is SanoCart and how it works? Sanocart is a newly established E-commerce company and e-commerce platform (website). Our main objective is to empower local businesses where we focus on newly established, local and home-based businesses. So how it works,0% commission rate that is from the first day you sell through sanocart to 1 month, no commission will be charged. 
  1.  3% to 9% commission rate after the completion of 1 month period, for more information, click the link
  2.  Easy to access vendor account
  3.  User-friendly personalized dashboard to add your precious products For adding the products click the link or follow the youtube link
  4.  The product that you have listed in the sanocart platform will be marketed by Sanocart itself on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and google where monthly around 230000 users will see the products from sanocart all over Nepal.
  5.  Reliable customer support and vendor support
  6.  Postal and delivery service
  7.  Mobile application for easy and convenient business
What makes Sanocart different from other E-commerce platforms/companies?
  1. Low commission rate which is  3% to 9%
  2. Priorities product listing where the products are found easily with just a couple of clicks
  3. We accept the vendorship of only local and home-based business to empower the local business
  4. No competitors(well established).
So hurry up Vendors, Sign up as a vendor and start your business today! For signing as a vendor, follow the link In case of any confusion regarding how to create a vendor account then follow the link Thank you! Happy Shopping! Keep Smiling!